SprintIT opens an office in India

The new office is located in Vadodara India

Sprintit Oy, Catarina Myllärniemi

SprintIT is opening a new office in India

SprintIT is opening an office in Vadodara, India. Behind SprintIT Experts Ltd’s foundation is the rapidly growing need for Odoo Experts. Clients need help in the daily work from warehouse to webshop to logistics. The new era cloud and mobile ERP service is modular and therefore it can achieve a speed and a cost-payback schedule never seen before. 

SprintIT has founded an office in India in the city of Vadodara, which is located in the 60 milion people Gujarat state. Finland’s leading company delivering open source ERP solutions has grown strongly for the past four years in Finland, and now is also starting up in India.

SprintIT's Head office is situated in Finland, Europe. The group has now 33 employees of which three work in the newly opened Vadodara office. 

The chairman of the board Mr. Petri Heino states:  

“We have, since the beginning, had a positive attitude towards internationalization. We have employed several professionals with different backgrounds.” 

Odoo knowledge is high in India, as the Belgian Odoo’s own India office is located in the area, close to the SprintIT new Vadodara office. There is a local Odoo Cluster where SprintIT also starts up. The SprintIT office in Finland likewise employes experts that lead the  assignments in daily cooperation with the Vadodara office. 

“Diamond-like ERP-experts are always welcome to SprintIT”, Heino adds.  

Developing webshops is one of the value added by the Indian staff. On the other hand the Finnish team is looking for an expert in this field. The Odoo-cluster is growing fast and Odoo SA is Belgium's fastest growing company. The Odoo cluster in India is in the Vadodare area where SprintIT also is now situated.

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