Work has started in the Gujarati Office

SprintIT experts are in motion

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SprintIT office in India, Vadodara City is in full Motion. It's two experts tell about their daily work and also life in general.

Normaali työpäivä on Intiassa kahdeksantuntinen. Intian tiimi pitää aluksi pienen aamupalaverin ajankohtaisista töistä ja he koordinoivat työtään Suomen tiimin kanssa aktiivisesti myös iltapäivisin. Aikaeroa Gujaratiin Luoteis-Intiaan on vain tunti.

Senior ERP Developer, Kalpesh Gajera

Kalpesh Gajera has been appointed as Senior ERP Developer in SprintIT India. Kalpesh completed a Master's degree in Gujarat technological university, GTU. His major was computer applications. He started his professional journey with Odoo development in the mid-studies. After graduation, Kalpesh joined Bizzappdev as a Junior Odoo developer. He got a promotion to Senior Odoo Developer in short time. Kalpesh has also previously worked as a Senior Software Developer in Bista Solutions, Office beacon.

Normal working day is eight hours.  The team has a morning meeting every day and they coordinate their work with the Finnish team throughout the day. 

“I have settled in Vadodara with my lovely wife who is also a developer”, he tells.  

We are both working from Monday to Friday and enjoy a weekend with family or on an outing of a small trip. I am an adventure lover and I plan small trips on weekends with my wife and friends. I love to explore new places. I like traveling, tracking, swimming, playing cricket, reading historical books, and watching movies.

"I have also heard that Finnish people are trustworthy and honest. And yes, it is really true!"

ERP Developer Bharat Chauhan

Bharat has a Master's degree from the biggest city and university in Gujarat, Ahmedab. He has previous work experience of Odoo Technology for many years from different employers, and he has also worked in Myanmar.

Indians love their cars, but Bharat lives close enough to work to the office. He takes a fifteen minute walk every morning. After the day is up, he returns home and talkes to his fiance and family on the phone. 

On the weekend he returns to the countryside to his home. Bharat's family consists of 11 people and including grandparents and parents, brothers, uncles and aunts as well as three cousins.

I am from a small village called Bhurkhi that is 130 kilometres from Vadodara. Our farm is 14 acres big and we grow rice, chickpeas, cummin and wheet. 

On his free time he sometimes gathers friends together for a movie night. Gujarati-literature also interests hime, and he reads a lot.  

"Sometimes I write Gujarati poetry."