Moving to new location Summer 2017

Sprintit is about to move to new location soon. In this survey you can give your opinons about the two alternatives we are currently negotiatging: 

  • Kaivokatu 10, Helsinki (City centre Makkaratalo)
  • Atomitie 5, Helsinki (Pitäjänmäki)

Kaivokatu would be co-working space just like current office and Atomitie our own.  

If  you have any questions enter them to Slack channel #sprintit_move. 

Please give your input by Sunday 18th June 18:00 hours!  

Thank you in advance!

ALT1: Kaivokatu 10 A, Helsinki *

Comments for Kaivokatu 10

ALT2: Atomitie 5, Helsinki *

Comments for Atomitie 5

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