We make agile
ERP solutions
for our customers
to win everyday challenges
- now and in the future.


Why choose Sprintit?

Team of Experts
available to You

Our team combines a thorough understanding of business with long-standing expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Our passion is to create for each customer the perfect ERP solution that automatizes their everyday business challenges and grows along with their business.

Agility in our Processes

Our agile processes mean that we set up the system in sprints, step by step, implementing only the necessary applications. 

  We partner with the client to build a Minimum Viable IT solution, with a clear roadmap  to continue developing your business. 

Always Enhancing Odoo

The extensive Odoo software can handle all of your business processes, and it grows together with your company. 

Odoo is truly agile. It will adapt to the needs of your company now as well as in the future. 

The Odoo system is always evolving. 

There are already 10 000 applications to choose from, and more are constantly being developed.

Our Customers

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo ERP Solution is a Business Application Suite to improve all kinds of businesses. Agile implementation and available as cloud service without license fees. Odoo deals with all kinds of business needs.  More info 

50,000+ companies

2.000.000+ users

20.000+ downloads every month